English & Frenchies arrive’ ,

Patrick and George Henri with their young fathers, older cousin, uncle and grandad

photo (4)
Pictures of Mum and Dad in their mid to late twenties and of their marriage


photo (6)

photo (8)
Mum her mother and sister at home ballards way early 1990`s
Dad and mum with grandmar and and our aunt 1988
Family gathering in Paris france late 80`s


photo (10)

photo (16)

Dad and uncle Jacque enjoying a late afternoon on the balcony of the summer house in Paladru late 80`s
Me and aunt Colette late 60`s in the Garden of the summer home in Paladru
photo (20)

Dad and his brother Michel and Jacque late 60`s in summer home in Paladru

iphone pictures1 830

iphone pictures1 831
Jacqueline and Jean Francoise Bogor botanical garden with me 2012
Henri always one to smile god bless him!
Jacque always not far from a glass of good wine!
Mariage Emilie -Nathalie 08 2011 1
Natalie looking radiant as always
Natalie winning a fight with my father early 70`s
Mariage Emilie -Alice Leonie 08 2011
Mischevious cousins
Margaux Torre juillet 2012

GH et LEONIE bapteme de Clara Aout 2013

Emilie et Clara bapteme de Clara Aout 2013

Chartreuse Jacques 08 2012

Chartreuse Beatrice 08 2012
Nice walk in French Alps
Alice Mauchant et Clara Corse 07 2013
smile what a cute!
70 ans de Jacques 1 Juin 2008

Drinking again !!

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